Untitled by John David Ellis
Untitled by John David Ellis
Untitled by John David Ellis
Untitled by John David Ellis
John David Ellis, Untitled, oil, date: unknown, location: Rockland - Sliding Storage Rack 8A

Serial number
50 1/2 x 84 1/2 x 1 1/2"
Returned from UNE & Re-shelved, Leith & Donna - March, 2019
Condition notes
various areas of cracking and scratched paint, mostly on leftloose canvasGood candidate for restorationRestored by Lauren Lewis Conservation Services, August 2017Notes below:CONDITION (Pre-restoration):The stretcher is stable, but is missing keys. The canvas support is stable, but was slightly slack in the UR corner. The canvas appears to be particularly sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature. The paint layer exhibited some lifting and tenting, especially in the yellow areas, and the green shape in the upper left. There was an area of abrasion in the black shape in the UL quadrant.TREATMENT COMPLETED:1. Completed before treatment photography.2. Inpainted area of abrasion in the black area with pigments in Laropal A-81.3. Consolidated areas of lifting paint with Beva 371. Relaxed lifting painting with local application of heat. Filled losses with reversible putty and inpainted with pigments in Laropal A81.4. Completed after treatment photography.Pre and post restoration photographs in iPhoto album: Restoration > Ellis > E0006
Pro photography
iPhoto Album: DAVE CLOUGH - OCTOBER 2018
Exhibition history
September 2017 Exhibit Knowlton StreetRabkin Foundation, May/June 2018UNE Exhibition - Fall 2018/Winter 2019
Hi-res images from Dave Clough were uploaded to Donna's drop-box
red, small squares and circles upper half two square elements in center two-tone red orb bottom right corner